Solar house with green technology eco-projects

Sustainable Home

Earth-Loving Technology in Place

  • Solar panels on the barn – 59,277 MWH produced over 11 years and running strong

  • Composting (food and yard waste – it’s a huge pile!)
  • Owners keep a pescatarian household and encourage renters to do the same.
  • Energy-star appliances
  • Energy-efficient mini-split (heat pump) units for HVAC.
    (Split units were determined more appropriate due to lack of ducting, after consideration of open- or closed-loop geothermal heat. Electric car recharge station should be supported also.)

Future Eco Projects

One+ Installations Annually

Our Eco-Story

Pragmatic environmentalism

Acquiring the Little Pamet House was the first time we had owned a building on land, the first time there was a real opportunity to envision and enact environmental change in a direct manner on a specific property, thinking long-term and applying theoretical approaches to the situation at hand.  The house came with a number of improvements in place, particularly double-pane windows as the vast majority and the installation of south-facing solar panels in 2010 (very ahead of the curve!)  The approach has been guided by a pragmatic environmentalism, looking to the natural replacement cycles of existing equipment and prioritizing the most impactful improvements first then moving down the line.  A rough timeline of one major improvement per year was penciled in to keep budgets in line and it has been going great so far.

The two biggest projects to date have been first to expand the solar panels by adding a new array on the house.  These are larger in overall area and carry a higher efficiency rating than the prior panels and the combined impact in kWH is significant, and for some time we were running an electrical surplus on production vs. usage.  Following on from this, we’ve installed air-pump HVAC mini-split units throughout the main house for both A/C and heating in the winter to directly utilize the electricity generated and reduce reliance on the oil-based heating system (at a higher overall MMBtu efficiency rating for heating and cooling).  We’ve also added window film to better insulate the kitchen during the summer while retaining the beautiful view of the yard and forest.

It’s a fun process and we look forward to continuing the journey!

Solar Energy Production

Geek out on our numbers

Solar power chart of vacation eco-rental